If He Sends You These 9 Texts, He Wants More Than Just S3x

If He Sends You These 9 Texts, He Wants More Than Just S3x

3. Asking for forgiveness.

No girl should ever have to put up with a man who is a constant screw-up. A man who says sorry a hundred times in a week is a man no girl should ever have to endure. However, a man who says sorry sincerely and wholeheartedly is really a man who is after a girl’s heart.

4.  Morning wishing texts

A guy who only wants you for sex would not be sending you texts in the morning. These guys would only make contact with you if they were feeling thirsty for some action in bed. If all he wanted to do was to legitimately wish you a good morning, then that means he cares about you beyond the confines of the bedroom.

5. TV shows Related texts.

If you text back and forth about what’s happening on New Girl for the full half-hour it’s on, he wants more than just sex. Otherwise, he’d watch the show in peace without checking his phone every two seconds.

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6. Texts on Serious Issues.

A guy who only wants a casual sexual relationship with you would not bother with engaging in deep and complex conversations with you about life and the universe. If he’s willing to pick your brain about complex issues and is also willing to open his mind up to you, then that means his interests transcend a physical relationship.

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