Five Text Messages He’ll Send You If He Really Misses You

Five Text Messages He’ll Send You If He Really Misses You

Texting isn’t always the most straightforward mode of communication, is it? When you’re talking to someone through text messages, figuring out how they must have meant actually to say something to you is can be tough because you don’t know their tone, the cadence of their voice, their facial expressions or their body language. You don’t know if they said what they said on texts loudly or softly, you’re not sure if they were smiling, laughing, giggling, grumbling, crying or making a specific expression. Now, that’s a recipe for tons of mixed signals, and that can be disastrously confusing sometimes.

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On a text message, a person may say something a certain way, but it may be read entirely differently. For example, when you’re talking to your crush or your new boyfriend/girlfriend, the may say something along the lines of “I love you, but I’m scared” it’s hard to tell how seriously they’ve made this statement. Maybe they were smiling while saying, or perhaps they looked flushed and teary-eyed? Yep, everything is hard to tell on messages, and a situation can go from smooth and simple to knotty and misunderstand pretty quick.

It comes down to a lot of reading between the lines as carefully as possible and deciphering the meaning being the way everything is being typed in a text; the spellings, the punctuation, the use of certain words and the absence of others. It takes a lot of getting used to. You have to familiarize yourself with how a person texts because, of course, every one of us has a different way of texting. Some take the road of elaborate, well-articulated texts while others will have a more concise way to reply to text messages.

If you’re having a hard time trying to get the hang out reading messages in your head the same way someone must have said it if you were having a face-to-face conversation with them, then you’re not alone. The fact of the matter is, a lot of us find t very hard to find and connect to the real emotions in conversations that we have over WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger and practically anything else that requires keypads and screens.
Sometimes when your phone rings from a man’s message that you have had a history with, you can almost always tell why he has decided to text you.

But because the two of you haven’t talked in a while, maybe his messages will send mixed signals, confusing you or even leaving you completely blank. Does it make you wonder if he’s missing your presence in his life or whether he’s just trying to chat with you to kill some time? Here are some things a man will say on texts if he’s genuinely hating your absence around him.

1. “So how have you been?”

He’s going to try and sound nonchalant but the only reason he’s initiating a conversation without you even trying, he’s definitely missing you. He wants you to tell him something, anything. He wants to hear from you because the fact that he hasn’t in a while makes him miss you and hit you up.

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