5. Admitting the guilt

They would’ve never admitted fault. No matter what the fight was about, your ex would’ve died rather than take part of the blame. And now that you’ve broken up, your ex has no problem with putting some of the blame on him or herself.

They admit that they were acting childish, that they didn’t treat you right, and they encourage you to blame them for everything bad that happened in your past. By doing this, they are trying to let you know that they understand everything and are willing to change.

Maybe this is exactly what the original problem was, and maybe now you get to talk as two decent human beings. Your ex might’ve thought everything through and realized the mistakes that were made.

There’s a good possibility that they loved you madly and still do, so when they lost you, they had the time they needed to realize their mistakes. Now that they know what it’s like to lose you, they will make sure they never make the same mistake twice, which resulted in them finally admitting some guilt.

6. Constantly having new things to talk about

It could be the case that you said, “This is the last time we will ever talk,” and you’ve ended up talking to your ex again. If your ex wishes to have you back, they will try to get the communication going. They will constantly have something new to say or something new to ask, and that will be the way to keep hearing from you.

The card that your ex is playing is to get you used to constant messages and phone calls from them. This way, it’s easier to know what you want, what you need, and what you feel. This will be the essential information needed in your ex’s mission to win you over.

Your providing him with the latest updates regarding your life will definitely make it easier for him to be one step ahead of the game so that he can devise a perfect plan on how to get you back and give you exactly what you need at the moment.

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