3. ‘What if’ questions

If your ex happens to want you back, they will offer a million things that could go differently in your relationship. They will be full of ‘what if’ questions that will make you think about your future. By doing this, they are kinda playing with your subconscious by instilling in your brain new ideas about different possible outcomes.

They will make you think about what would’ve happened if they hadn’t made the mistakes they made, if you hadn’t pushed too hard, and God knows what else. The only aim these questions have is to make you imagine your future together and for you to welcome your ex back in your mind.

When you change your perspective regarding your breakup, your entire mindset changes, and you no longer see things as badly as you might have. You start blaming something or someone else for all the bad that happened which automatically brings you closer to your ex.

4. Getting back in touch

If you think they are talking to you or texting you all over again because they want to tell you how mad they are, you’re wrong. If they were that mad, they never would’ve texted you in the first place. They’re reaching out to you again because that’s how they’re planning to get you back.

Eventually, they will switch to talking to you on a regular basis, and they will get you back to square one without you even noticing it. They will look for the most random excuses to contact you, like they suddenly remembered something about you two, they saw something that reminded them of you, or they’re suddenly interested in your day.

If it appears like you two are communicating more than you did in the relationship, then you can be sure that this is one of the biggest signs your ex wants you back. By constantly being in touch with you, they are becoming a part of your life again which is their primary goal after all.

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