9 Confessions I Want To Make To My Ex

9 Confessions I Want To Make To My Ex

Dear Ex…

There are so many things that have been left unsaid. Closure is overrated and I genuinely believe that. I don’t have to get over you just so I can live my life. I’m perfectly fine with keeping you as a real piece of my heart even as I make my way through this world. I don’t have to let you go just so I can keep on going myself. I don’t think that I really have to have closure with you so that I can be happy again. I know that I can still find happiness even though I never got to say everything that I wanted to say with you.

I know that our love was a waste. And while I also know that it just wasn’t meant to be, it still stings. It still hurts to know that neither of us could make things work. It hurts to know that despite our best intentions, we still couldn’t find a way out of that place of darkness that eventually consumed us. And I guess that’s what love really is. We are all led to believe that it’s perpetual light and brightness. But it’s not. A lot of what makes up love is darkness. No one really has love all figured out. It’s like having to walk through a maze with only a candle to light the way. Love wasn’t made for the faint of heart. It wasn’t meant for the weak. And I guess that’s why we didn’t last. We were weak. And while I’m not necessarily over our breakup, I’ve come to accept that love wasn’t for us. And that’s okay.

But still, the truth persists that there are plenty of things that I have to say to you and even though you’re probably not going to read this, it’s still worth a try. Here are 9 confessions that I need to make to you right now:

1. As much as I hate it, I still find myself randomly thinking about you more often than I’d like.

It’s not that I want to completely erase the memory of you from my mind. I wouldn’t want that. I wouldn’t want to completely let go of what we had. It’s just that I didn’t think I’d still be thinking of you as much as I do now.

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