8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

7. There is sexual chemistry….. ONLY

You guys are too hot for each other in the bed, but when it comes to talking and communication you guys are clueless or just not interested. The only way you guys feel in sync is by means of physical contact, this simply means you are in a carnal relationship, once the infatuation dies, so will the relationship. This is a very common, characteristic sign of a relationship being timely.

˜Friends with benefits’ is clearly not the relationship you’re looking for here. The relationship where you want to have real feelings, trust, passion and feel loved. It was said earlier in the article that mostly a relationship is created just to ˜get in your pants’. Many guys try to do that nowadays, they will say things to the girl that will make her feel like on top of the world, feel like she’s the only one for this guy, feel really loved, but it is only to have sexual relations with that girl. Girls are considered to be emotional and have more feelings than the guys. Guys use this very fact to their advantage and use their feelings to get in bed with them. The guys know what the girls want to hear, so they start talking like that and make them feel they are in a true relationship. Again, not every guy is like that.

People can come across as tempting and attractive, usually, at the initial stages of the њrelationshipќ, this is because they are trying to win you over. They will try to flirt more with you, make you feel nice, seduce you in different ways and act like they are head over heels for you just to get what they want. Now there is definitely nothing wrong with all these flirting and romance, but the problem here is that they are doing this, not because they are really interested in you, they are doing this just to get in bed with you.

8. You don’t know each other’s family and friends

A person who is serious about you wants to make you a part of his life, will always introduce you to his friends and family. If it’s been a while and you still haven’t met each other’s family and it doesn’t seem to bother one or both of you, this means the person doesn’t want to get ‘too involved’ and has set limits to how far the relationship will go.

Doing this can mean a couple of things, one is that the person is not sure about you at all. He thinks that this relationship won’t last for long and you two will eventually break up so why bother and make you meet his parents or friends. Second, he is not interested in you at all. This can be for, as it was said earlier, for sexual reasons or time pass. So again, he won’t bother and invite you to meet his friends or family.

And it is not just up to them, you have to ask them as well, because if you don’t care about meeting his friends or family either, then well, there is no love and affection from your side either. If the person is really into you and sees a future with you, he will very happily want to know more about your friends and family and want to meet them as well. Similarly, it goes for his side as well, if there is true love and that ˜we’ll stay together forever’ feeling, he will want you to meet his circle of friends and family too.

Original Source: relrules.com

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