8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship


5. Serious discussions are off-limits


This is an extension of bad communication, a couple has silly conversations as well as serious discussions. You are wrong to think that a perfect relationship is one with no arguments and heated discussions, a happy couple talks about things that matter and it does not affect their love for each other. If you guys avoid having consequential conversations, talk about superficial things like the weather, then your relationship is too good to be true. If you really care about things, then there is no way you can go without arguments every now and then.

Opening up in front of someone is not really easy, telling that someone everything about you, your secrets, is not easy. Having that courage to open up in front of your partner is what’s needed. But if you two don’t know the real ins and outs about each other, for example, stuff from each other’s past and etc. Then well, you both need to sit and have that talk.

Every couple fights at point or another, over one thing or another. It shows the passion is still in the relationship. I’m not saying every couple should fight with each other all the time, but having a real argument about something reasonable is okay. For example, if you two do not argue about anything at all, it can mean that you two don’t really care about each other.

When I said ‘communication between the two is really important and that the couple should talk with each other more often’, I didn’t mean to only talk about the weather and the day and all, you have got to have those private conversations as well. It doesn’t always have to be that serious, even talking about something fun together is good. Also, you have to look for the things they share with you, and the things they want to have with you.

If they talk about a future ˜together’, like you two can talk about going to places together, have kids together, plan your future together you are in a real relationship. But if they ignore these topics and try to talk about something else when you start talking about these, this is the relation you don’t want to have.

6. There is a power struggle

Letting go of your egos is essential for a sustainable relationship. You are in a relationship where someone always has to be right, it doesn’t matter how it affects your relationship, all that matters is being right! This means that there is a lack of love in the relationship because when you are in love you are more flexible, more concerned about your partner’s feelings, being right doesn’t always matter.

Remember, winning an argument is not really a win in a relationship. Comprising is a big part of a healthy relationship. There can be times where the other person is wrong but you have got to step down to end the fight or the argument. There is a chance that they understand what you are trying to say, some other time. Maybe they were having a bad time, they were mad at something else and your argument made them react in a way they wouldn’t have. Now, if you think that the perfect outcome of an argument with your partner is the one where you are always right in the end then it is not true love at all. You clearly don’t care about your partner, all you care about is being right.

If you can cross your limits just to prove a point to someone, then that means your ego is big and you don’t care about that person. You can be right, but that doesn’t mean that you can say anything to the other person. You have got to be careful about their feelings as well. If a person can let go their ego and admit a fault they did not even commit, just for you, there is no other person more right for you than this one.

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