8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

8 Unfortunate Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

2. Too much PDA

This might come as a surprise, you two are practically nibbling on each other, isn’t that a good thing? No, it isn’t. This is indicative of over-compensatory and ostentatious behavior. You are trying to put on a show, make-believe. It’s a way of maintaining the illusion that you guys have created, to lie to yourself and the others around you. You might be in a fake relationship and still manage to hear things like; ‘What a perfect couple you guys are’, ‘You make us want to have a relationship’ etc. If you guys are not this crazy about each other in private but can’t keep your hands off each other as soon as you have company, then you have a few questions to ask.

This is not really something very unique, there are many real-life couples that actually do this. They put up a show every time they are out hanging with their friends, or at a party, dinner or whatever it is. They hold each other and smile together when they are in front of other people but as soon as they get in the car to go back to their home, it’s totally the opposite. You both need to talk to each other, know what’s going in the wrong direction and ask each other questions like do you even want to stay with each other.

It is kind of sweet, seeing a couple holding hands or kissing. I mean, obviously, kissing in public shouldn’t be one of those prolonged ones that end up in making out, and there shouldn’t be grabbing in public either, but a little PDA is sweet. But this PDA can be very easily deceiving. Overcompensating for something going in your life in front of people is not something new, and it surely isn’t limited to relationships either. PDA can even, sometimes, seem forced. It’s a pretty common saying that appearances can be deceiving.

So, it is not always the way it looks like if you see a couple smiling and holding hands together out in public, doesn’t really mean they are happy together.

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