8 Clear Signs You’ve Found A Good Woman


Another great indicator of longevity in the relationship is if the both of you think alike. When your girl is somehow able to know how you’re thinking or feeling at a particular situation, then that means she knows how to make you happy and not to upset you. It’s also a good indicator how compatible you are as a couple.

 4. She is honest and genuine

How long will you stay in a romantic relationship with a handsome and beautiful woman who often lies? If you can’t trust her or believe what she says, how can you build a solid, long-lasting foundation with her? Of course, you cannot. But, if she is always honest, it is an indicator that you are in a relationship with a good woman.

5.  She regards your relationship as a team

A good woman has her own goals and knows exactly what to do to accomplish them. She is actually a good influence that can give you stability and keep you focused and grounded. She is willing to discuss your relationship and evaluate where you are, where you are heading and what problems you have to resolve. She regards your relationship as a team, which means that with her, you have a romantic partner and a teammate.

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