25 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy For You

25 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy For You

16. He loves it when you play with his hair.

He may act like it annoys him sometimes, but the truth is, he doesn’t care much about the fact that you mess with his hair. He loves it whenever you play around with him. It’s a very innocent and raw form of intimacy.

17. He loves it when you act somewhat jealous and possessive of him.

Of course, in moderation. You can’t be acting like the crazy girlfriend who doesn’t let him have his freedom or space. But when you mildly play the part of the jealous girlfriend sometimes, it lets him know just how much he means to you.

18. He loves it when you are nice to his friends.

He loves his friends. That’s why they’re his friends. And he really loves it whenever you make the effort to be nice to his friends too. It goes to show just how kind a person you are and it makes him proud to have you as a girl.

19. He loves it when he catches you staring at him.

Of course, physical attraction is always going to play an important role in your relationship. So whenever you remind your man that you still find him aesthetically pleasing, it’s going to make him feel really good inside even though he doesn’t show it.

20. He loves it when you genuinely ask for his opinion on something concerning your life.

He loves it whenever you include him in your decision-making process. It makes him feel like he’s actually a person of worth whose opinion really matters to you. It also makes him feel good to know that you are willing to really listen to his ideas and that you value his thoughts.

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