13. He Texts And Calls All The Time

We know that plenty of guys aren’t exactly what we would call ‘talkers’. Quite often, men struggle to say more than the bare minimum. However, if he loves you, he’ll know that communication is important to you and he’ll put aside his differences in order to make you feel good. Even if he has just gotten home from a date with you, he’ll send you a cute goodnight text that will make you fall asleep with a smile on your face.
He also won’t hesitate to call just to see what’s up or to listen to your latest life problems. If he truly loves you, he’ll actually enjoy keeping the lines of communication open. The other reason this is so great is that you don’t have to worry about sending ‘too many’ texts or bothering him. He’ll love staying in touch with you!

14. He Won’t Cut You Off

Ever get a quarter of the way through explaining something only to have a man interrupt you to give his point of view on the matter? It’s an experience many women share and we all know how annoying it can get! Even if they had the best of intentions or thought they were doing you a favor, being cut off before you’ve made your point can be infuriating.
If your man is a solid catch, he’d never dream of jumping into the conversation before you had said your piece. Even if he thinks you’re wrong, he’ll let you say what you need to say. He doesn’t think his opinion is more valid or important than yours and respects the fact that it’s your time to talk. He’ll even make sure nobody else attempts to cut you off either!

15. He Doesn’t Stare At Other Women

We’re all human, and that means our partner isn’t going to be the only person we find attractive. Come on, ladies, as if you haven’t had a quick peak at hot surfers down at the beach or a sexy businessman in a suit. The point we’re trying to make here is that it’s normal to find other people good looking.
However, if your man is serious about you, he won’t stare at other women while you’re around (or at all – staring is so creepy!). We’re sure he appreciates the female form and probably notices particularly beautiful women. But if he loves you, he’ll be spending most of his time checking you out instead. If he is the type of guy who obviously ogles women in public, it’s time to have a serious talk with him!

16. He Keeps You Informed Without You Having To Ask

One of the most annoying things about male partners is their apparent inability to keep anyone informed of their whereabouts. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but if he does manage to keep you in the loop, he is 100 percent in love. The key here is not having to ask. Women get hassled a lot for perceived ‘nagging’ but if men just kept us up to date with their movements we’d never have to do it!
Let us be clear, we don’t mean he should agree to having a tracking device placed on him. A simple heads up about what his plans are tonight is all most women are looking for. We don’t want to be arranging our plans thinking he’s involved if he’s really out with the boys. A quick text shows that he considers and cares about you.

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