6. He Defends You

There’s nothing worse than being with a group of friends or family and it turns into a big argument with you at the center. If your man truly loves you, he’ll defend you in these situations, even if you’re totally in the wrong. The same goes for more serious arguments – if his feelings are genuine he’ll stick up for you no matter what. If he does have a problem with something you’ve done, he’ll discuss it with you privately and not in front of a group.
Knowing that there’s always someone there who has got your back is one of the best things about being in a relationship. You can stride confidently into any discussion knowing that you have your partner right by your side. If that isn’t one of the best things about love, we don’t know what is!

7. He Wants To Spend Time With You

This one seems a little obvious at first – all couples spend time together! However, it’s whether he genuinely wants to or if he just does it out of obligation that is the key here. Unfortunately, there really isn’t one easy way to tell. If he initiates plans, that’s one sign that he wants to spend time with you. If he seems authentic while you’re out together and you feel he really is having fun, that’s another sign. He should also be texting you to say that he can’t wait to see you again.
If he makes excuses not to meet up with you or seems unenthusiastic when he agrees to plans, your relationship might be in a bit of trouble. If it’s exactly the opposite and you know he can’t get enough of you, then well done, we’re pretty sure your man is in love!

8. He Can Open Up To You

You know how dudes can get. Most of the time they want to put on a show of being a ‘man’ and as a result, they never end up really opening up about their feelings. It’s not seen as a traditionally male quality to get emotional or say what’s truly on their minds, so many men tend to bottle things up and tough things out in order to avoid looking ‘girly’ (heaven forbid!).
However, if your man really loves you, he will feel comfortable opening up and sharing all of his thoughts and feelings with you. And trust us, these confessionals will make him feel closer to you than ever – almost like every deep conversation is further investment into the relationship and the bond that you share. Actually, once you get him talking, he’s probably unlikely to ever shut up again!

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