16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

13. Having HPV as a man is no big deal


Our experts said that a lot of misinformation persists around many STIs; Holt said that often, people just don’t think that STIs will happen to them.

One of the STIs that causes the most confusion is HPV, Planned Parenthood’s Benedict said. And that’s understandable. HPV is a virus that technically has no cure. There are many strains of this virus. It is sometimes asymptomatic, and there’s no way to test for it in men. And though there is a preventative vaccine for some of the most harmful, cancer-causing iterations of the virus, a person’s immune system — not an external treatment — is what’s responsible for suppressing it.

So if you’re a man, HPV might not seem like such a big deal. Sometimes HPV can cause genital warts in both men and women. But if it’s a virus that often has no symptoms, and there’s no test and no cure, what’s there to worry about, anyway?

In fact, if a man learns that he may have HPV, he should tell his partners, whether he has sex with men or women. HPV can cause cervical cancer, and in rare cases, throat, and anal cancer. Men can also get an HPV vaccine, which would really just be better for everyone, now wouldn’t it?

14. The act of sex starts when the guy starts to get an erection.

Sex can start way before a guy gets an erection. Even the simplest act of cuddling, kissing, or whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears can be enough to really set things in motion. The act of sex starts the moment that either of you get into the mood for it; and an erection isn’t always going to be where the event starts.

15. Having good sex in a relationship will be enough to make up for poor communication habits.

Nothing is ever going to be able to make up for terrible communication in a relationship. If you have poor communication habits, then it’s unlikely that you are going to be able to make your relationship last. You can’t rely on merely having a good sex life to fix the problems in your relationship. You always have to be able to fix the other aspects of your relationship as well. Sex comprises only one part of having a strong relationship.

16. The best kind of sex happens when it’s the man who takes full control of the situation.

Gender has nothing to do with it. Either the girl or the guy can take control of the situation and have a good time. There are just some people who have sex a certain way regardless of what their genders are. There are some sexual creatures who are submissive; and there are those who are dominant. It’s about finding where you are comfortable and making it work for the both of you.


17. Having sex with the same person over and over again can become really boring.

That doesn’t always have to be the case. Sex only gets boring when it becomes predictable and repetitive. Just because you’re having sex with the same person all of the time doesn’t mean that it has to be predictable. You can always mix things up. You are always able to incorporate a few moves into the equation. You always have the power to break the monotony. In fact, having a long-term sexual partner can bode well for your chemistry. You both learn from one another as you go. And you grow to really learn how to please each other.

That’s about it for this addition of sex myths. If you guys have any myths to add on to this list, please feel free to comment below. Keep the fire burning.

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