16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

Myth #7 – Plan it to make it special

Lit candles, dim lights, perfectly made bed with rose petals etc. Good riddles that look and feel good in movies only. Catching your partner off guard, just like that in the kitchen, while gardening or even fixing the cupboard or getting ready is totally ON. Always planning it makes it boring and monotonous and you need to keep that fire burning between the two of you. Just imagine your self all dressed up for a dinner and your partner grabs you right at the door before leaving, be creative and don’t be scared.

8. The ‘You can’t get pregnant “ifs”…

FALSE – this one isn’t hard.

Perhaps the most mythic class of sex myths. Teens (and adults too) have no shortage of questions about what can or cannot cause pregnancy, and what sorts of extenuating circumstances can impact a sperm’s journey to its would-be egg.

 9. Communication Isn’t Part Of Sex

Sex and communication should go hand-in-hand, always. It shouldn’t even be up for debate. If you’re going to have sex with someone, you better know how to communicate with them. But, sadly, in her work, Boyajian found that people don’t understand how paramount this is and considers it to be the most harmful misconception out there.

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