16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

16 Most Common Myths About S3x We Need To Stop Believing

Myth #4 – Only strippers can strip

Come on, is this really what you all think? Slow stripping and teasing is one of THE most arousing acts for men and women around the globe according to scientific research. Don’t worry about those love handles or extra fats, it’s all about your confidence, reveal those parts first that your partner fancies the most and you will see the MAGIC.

Myth #5 – Condoms destroy the pleasure

Where did this myth arrive from? A survey by luckybloke.com stated that 68 percent of the men choose wrong six or shape when it comes to condoms. There you go, a myth busted. It’s time to get creative and explore more options. There are so many kinds and types of condoms out there, all you have to do is experiment. The right condom can enhance the pleasure for both the partners. Remember, safety first.

Myth #6 – Light it up

Having sex in dark is quiet comfortable? Think again. Yeah that’s what our ancestors would say. Visual is the strongest among the three “Vs” of communication so why block it? The pleasure of watching your partner enjoying your touch and caress is such a boost. It shouldn’t be about hiding any aspect of yourself, have faith in your partner. You trust them with your life, you can’t be ashamed of showing them your body.

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