10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

8. He Hides his Phone from you

Cute couples always know each other’s passwords, share each other’s things, and are open
about what they’re doing on their phone. If a guy tends to act funny or avoids showing you
his phone, this could be a sign that he is cheating or playing you. The most damaging part is
when they get defensive about it or call you nosy and avoid talking about it. When this
happens, he is more likely to be the cheater, not you.

9. His Old Life is a Mystery

One of the most important things before committing to a long term relationship is having
clear expectations and knowledge about who they are as a person. Even if he may not have
the best record, guys who are honest about their past life have most likely changed or want
to change for you. Those who lie about their past will definitely carry on these bad habits as
you get further into your relationship. Avoid a heartbreak later in life and ask him about his
past; if he is reluctant to answer or has an inconsistent story, he is most likely playing you.

10. He wants to get Physical too Quickly

Intimacy is important in a relationship, but if he cares more about the bed than you, this is an
issue for the future. Taking is slow is one of the best ways to ensure a longer, happier
relationship for your later years together as a couple. Don’t waste the moments when you’re
young and focus on building a relationship that is built from honesty, trust, and loyalty. A
man who is in it for the physical part of a relationship is flaky and will end it as soon as he is
done playing with you. Take care of yourself and your fragility as a human and don’t depend
on someone who only wants to give you physical pleasure

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