10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

6. He has Many Female friends

Friendships are important, there’s no questioning that. Guys being friends with girls is important just like girls should not be penalized for having male friends while dating. The overall idea is that when hanging out with these friends, either your partner should be there
with you, or you could each be having fun with your own group of friends at the same time. Spending time with friends is healthy, but spending time with your significant other should make having fun come easily to you. Going on double dates is a fun way for both you, your
partner, and your friends to all be able to catch up on things and just have a good time as couples. When your man has too many female friends and spends time texting or talking with them, you have every right to be suspicious. This can be a definite signal that you are
being played.

7. He has Beauty Standards

This accounts for complaining about your looks and appearance when you’re around. A guy who treats his girl right will always tell her she is the most beautiful thing in the world. Going with the all natural no makeup look should be something you feel comfortable with, not
dressing up to impress him and get his approval. If he complains about your appearance, he is shallow and is most likely with you for your looks. When this is the case, you should not hesitate to end the relationship. No amount of makeup will save a couple who grows old
together. Being with someone who makes you feel happy inside and out is the best feeling in
the world.

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