10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

3. He doesn’t share his Past or Feelings with You

It’s one of social stigmas for a man to avoid sharing his feelings, but when it comes to being open and honest about his past, this is something worth telling the person who cares about you the most. A relationship is a two way street; both sides of a couple shouldn’t feel
ashamed in sharing about their childhood or their past. This is a sign of trust and encourages fidelity in a partnership. If he doesn’t open up to you or tries to brush it off with sweet talk, this is more likely to be a player.

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4. He Bails on You All the Time

When you love someone and he genuinely loves you back, partnership and companionship are your top priorities. Every time life gets in the way, he should be the one apologizing and promising that it will never happen again. He should be the one who begs for you to come
over and will always take the time to go out with you. When someone bails on you countless times, there is definitely something wrong in this equation. If there’s also that same excuse coming back around again and again, this is definitely a sign that you are with a player.

5. Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Men don’t like to talk about feelings; that’s fine but he should always be careful and considerate of how you feel. As his number one girl, he should be the one who takes the first step to reconciliation or brings your flowers to say he’s sorry. When you feel down, he should
be the one who asks if you’re okay and if you want to talk about it, even if he may not understand exactly what you’re going through. Sometimes, it’s not about if he understands your emotions or not, but when you’re with someone who genuinely wants to be with you,
they should take the time to listen and care for you. Any of those guys who nod their heads and give the occasional “mhm” are showing false understanding or sympathy. They don’t care about how you feel and will often just go back to doing what they did before. Your heart
should be there’s and deserves to be treasured.

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