10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

10 Signs You’re With a Player and He Doesn’t Truly Care about You

Am I being played in this relationship? You might wonder if you’ve placed your love and faith into someone who actually has no genuine feelings for you in return. While some girls might take this as just being insecure about loving someone and letting a guy into their lives, if you suspect that your guy is into someone else, then he is most likely a player. Look for these ten signs that suggest that you are being played and should get out of that relationship as soon as possible.

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1. He doesn’t want you to be with him in public

A guy who truly has your heart wants to flaunt you and sees you as his most important person in the world. He wants to make you feel loved and appreciated by him and the other people he cares about like his close friends and family. Whether it be swooping in for a kiss on the streets, or holding hands while watching a movie with a bunch of friends, these public displays of affection are signs of a guy proud of who he’s with. If he’s looking to take you places where he isn’t well known or avoids taking you to meet his parents or attend family gatherings, this is a sign of being played. The fear of being recognized by someone who knows their other girl could bring on unwanted confrontations that he doesn’t want publicized.

2. He Barely Texts or Calls you

Even when you’re not together, you should want to be able to talk nonstop whether it be through flirty texts or midnight FaceTime conversations. Just the sound of your voice or reading your messages should break his face into a smile or make his heart race. If your
man is slow to respond, makes excuses for his absence, or doesn’t make the first move to initiate a quick call or text suggests that he has someone else he is investing time in. There’s a definite difference in the way guys talk to their girlfriends over the phone or text with every
relationship, but you’re in the wrong one if your man doesn’t step up and send the first text.

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