10 Positive Signs You’re In Love With A Great Guy

10 Positive Signs You’re In Love With A Great Guy

7. He gives you confidence to go after your dreams.

He motivates you and inspires you to keep on going. He doesn’t serve as some kind of roadblock or hindrance. He doesn’t serve as added weight to your life. He propels you to where you need to be. He is always your number one supporter.

8. He lets you take care of him.

He’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself – but he also knows that you want to express your love for him by caring for him. And even though it might be vulnerable for him to do so, he still lets you take care of him.

9. He really pays attention to you when you want to get something off your chest.

Aside from just being a good communicator, he is also a very good listener. He knows that communication is a two-way street; and that it’s just as important for him to pay attention to you as it is for him to be expressing himself. He always makes sure that you feel safe and secure enough to always express yourself in whatever way you might see fit.

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10. He doesn’t act withholding of his love and affection.

He never holds anything back when it comes to you. He never plays any games with you. He doesn’t try to act coy. He doesn’t try to play it cool. He doesn’t act as if he’s cold and distant; as if he’s indifferent and disinterested. He loves you and he’s always going to make it known to you. He isn’t going to hide just how much space in his heart that you have managed to take up.

Original Source: relrules.com

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