8 Things That Men Secretly Notice In Women

8 Things That Men Secretly Notice In Women

Ladies, Have you ever wondered about the Things Men Secretly Notice In Women ? Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straight-forward so it can be easy to find out what things guys notice first by watching them carefully each time they meet a woman. Check out a few interesting and even surprising things men notice first about women.  Read Here: 6 Signs He Is Not Cheating On You

1. Facial Expressions

Sometimes, your face can be saying things that your words aren’t. And a man isn’t going to be blind to the messages that you are trying to send him with your face. That subtle eye roll might be very telling of how you feel about him. A little smile from your face will tell him that you’re comfortable with him. He’s definitely taking notice of these things.

2. Your Eyes

Another common thing men notice first about a woman is her eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul. They can tell us a lot about a person. It can be easy to find out if someone is lying to you or simply telling the truth. Eyes are real magnets that can attract and interest a stranger. Surveys have shown that nearly 70 % of men pay attention to woman’s eyes first and only then to everything else. Don’t believe that it’s chest that men firstly pay attention to! It’s always easier for men to compliment woman’s eyes since women respond very approvingly to compliments about their eyes rather than other parts of the body.

There is also another stereotype that men like women with large childish eyes. I would tell that correct make up will do the trick! Mascara, eye liner and nude shades will make your eyes more appealing! If you want to attract him, try to keep eye contact for a few seconds. This way, you will clearly understand if there are any chances to continue with your acquaintance.

3. Your music tastes

Music. If you aren’t a musical person, then that tells him a lot about who you are. If you happen to be really into music, then that tells him something different. And it can reveal a lot more about your personality regarding your taste in music as well. He feels like he can get to know you better based on your musical preferences.

4. Your Communication style and language.

The way that you communicate says a lot about who you are. And you might think that the subtle use of a smiley might not mean anything to him, but it does. He’s taking notice of your texting patterns and communication styles.

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